Best EU practices in HVET showcasing in Zwickau

The Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (West Saxon University of Applied Sciences of Zwickau) is hosting the first multiplier event of SHINE, "Ecellence in HVET: best practices throughout the EU". During the event, speakers are presenting smart examples of post-graduation training programmes delivered in partner countries, with a strong triple-helix concept. That is, programmes delivered by outstanding providers, in strict co-operation with businesses and local authorities. Participants coming from different VET schools, universities and companies will discuss those best practices coming from Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Romania and Italy and will collect and present ideas for putting into value lessons learnt, through improvement pathways.

The event is also accompanied by a technical meeting, where partners will share the state of play so far, discuss next steps, learn more about the German VET system and the EU strategies for HVET, especially following the Riga conclusions.

Last but not least, partners will have the chance to visit the local Volkswagen Education Institute, and see how practices described in the event actually take place.