Italian providers of EQF 5 programmes for Mechatronics strengthen their network

One of the main stakeholders of the Italian partnership of SHINE, Foundation ITS Maker of Bologna, organised and hosted the first conference of Italian Mechatronic Higher Technical Institutes, on January 21, 2016, in Bologna, entitled “Higher technical Institutes for Mechatronics: the challenge of industry 4.0”.

The event took the chance of bringing representatives of Public Institutions and relevant business players together, discussing current EQF 5 HVET training programmes and their future, with special reference to matching market labour requirements in terms of professional profiles and competences.

On the one side, representatives of Public Institutions discussed about the recognition -at a national level in Italy- of tertiary, applied technical education and training programmes, comparing to academic courses. In fact, on the one side Universities are supposed and expected to own scientific excellence. On the other side, HVET tertiary programmes are able to prepare highly specialised technicians, ready to transfer knowledge and competences to a 4.0-oriented industrial system, but –at least in Italy– they lack a sound recognition in the national framework.

At the same time, speakers and panellists from companies discussed what is necessary to prepare technicians equipped with management skills, besides technical ones, and what are the challenges training must face to answer industry needs in the medium term.